New version of RemoteCalendars...and a lof of explanations

RemoteCalendars is a COM-.NET Add-in for Outlook 2003/2007, written in C#. After installing this plugin, every Outlook user should be able to subscribe, reload and delete a generic remote iCalendar (RFC 2445) from Outlook 2003/2007.

This is still a minor release, but not so minor. This release doesn't contain in fact any new features: it's the same version of 5.82 (the not-installable version, please forgive me for that :)), plus some simple bug fixes concerning reloading and publishing.

The most important fact is this one however: RemoteCalendars has switched to Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 Second Edition. That means that you need to install a different VSTO Runtime package, which is already shipped with this version.
I've also removed all the checks for Outlook's PIA , Office 2003 and VSTOR: now it's your turn to check & try (maybe if you want to test it with Office 2007, but I'm afraid it won't work yet).

Now, a brief story: what had happened? Sometimes after I had received the first notice "Ehi, 5.82 doesnìt work", I wanted to check what happened.
I couldn't.
Somehow, my development environment had broken down very badly: I couldn't open or create any new VSTO project: repair/uninstall/re-install didn't change a bit on my machine. (What happened, none knows...)
It's been a very sad time, because I didn't have the machine and the time to set up a new development environment. Months passed away, university got tougher and tougher...but I still wanted to start again.

Finally, some time ago my family decided to buy a new family computer: only yesterday I've been able to set up again my Visual Studio with VSTO SE, and I'm back.
Maybe a lot of people would've prefered a new version, with a lot of new features.
However, I've got still less time than one year ago, and this is a computer that I've to share with my family...I'll try to fix and add features to RC, but it won't be as fast as it used to be, I'm afraid so.

Many will be disappointed: "Why you didn't answer all these months"?
Well, the easy answer is still time and university (and that's not a lie). The tough answer was still that I felt guilty I couldn't check why something stopped to work...Over one year of hard developing, I've been answering and fixing almost daily...not being able to open my project meant I couldn't answer "Why this doesn't work?".
Now I can again...hopefully you'll understand.

Daniele aka lasthope83

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Posted by Daniele Tiles 2007-04-11

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