#41 Pull to other Outlook calendars

Cymen Vig

It would be great if I could pull events down to a
shared public (internal) group Exchange calendar. Is
this is possible?

I'd be happy to help out -- I'll pull down the source
tomorrow (time to sleep).


  • Daniele Tiles

    Daniele Tiles - 2006-07-20

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    I didn't understand what are you looking for :)...
    Could you be more clear? ;)

  • Daniele Tiles

    Daniele Tiles - 2006-07-20
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  • Cymen Vig

    Cymen Vig - 2006-07-20

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    I would like to pull iCal information to other calendars in
    Outlook. Like say another calendar that I have write access
    to. Not my personal/own calendar but a shared/group calendar.

  • Daniele Tiles

    Daniele Tiles - 2006-07-21

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    I'm not familiar on how Outlook works with Exchange...tell
    me if I'm right: you'd like to subscribe an iCalendar
    through Outlook, using as a folder an Exchange one?
    It seems interesting :) !

  • Cymen Vig

    Cymen Vig - 2006-07-21

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    Yes, that is it! At work we have a number of shared
    calendars where multiple people have work access. I've got
    some scheduling data from other sources into iCalendar
    format but unfortunately, I can't update such a calendar
    with this project (yet!).

    There are probably better ways to do this in terms of having
    something on the Exchange server running so an Outlook
    client is not involved but that would require permissions,
    costs, justification, etc.

  • Daniele Tiles

    Daniele Tiles - 2006-07-22

    Logged In: YES

    yes, most probably there are better ways to do it, however
    I'm quite interested...:)
    There is only one problem...I don't have an Exchange server,
    and I don't know if it's possible to set up one for free :(...

    Let's keep talking however: when you connect your Outlook to
    your Exchange server, do you see the Exchange folder as a
    normal folder in the list of your folders in Outlook ? And
    it doesn't appear in the list made by RC?


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