#39 Support for Plone/Zope


I'd like remote calendars to support subscribing to a
Webdav calendar on Plone and Zope work correctly. I am
trying to develop a shared calendaring solution for my
company, and I'd like it to work on our intranet which
is based on the Plone content management system.

I'll give some more information on the problems
shortly, once I have tested and pulled out the error
messages - sorry if this is something that should be
posted as a bug?

Either way, it looks like a great project, thanks for
all the good work!




  • Daniele Tiles

    Daniele Tiles - 2006-06-19

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    thank you for the appreciation :)
    Uhm, I don't know if it should be a bug yet ;)...I'll wait
    until I'll see your messages :)

  • Daniele Tiles

    Daniele Tiles - 2006-06-19
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  • Chris Gilbert

    Chris Gilbert - 2006-06-20

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    Hi there,

    I have tested again to get back some error messages. I
    installed all the software in the zip file, with .net
    framework, and I attempt to subscribe to a web calendar
    using a url like this:


    I leave all of the other options at default, and I get back
    the following error:

    The server committed a protocol violation Section=Response
    Header Detail=CR must be followed by LF.

    This is using the Webdav port for Zope, which generally
    works inside Mozilla Calendar, so I believe it is serving
    the file correctly via Webdav.

    If I follow the other route of publishing a calendar from
    Outlook to the web, I choose the appropriate folder, and am
    correctly prompted for a username or password. However, my
    authentication is repeatedly failed (I know it's correct).

    So both of these aren't working for me. I am using Plone
    2.1.3/Zope 2.7.8. It would be really nice to get it to
    work, as I have some people willing to test this for shared
    calendars in our company.

    If you let me know if I can provide any more information
    about this (are there any relevant log files etc?) then I'll
    attach it on here.



  • Daniele Tiles

    Daniele Tiles - 2006-06-23

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    I have really no idea how I could add some support to this
    WebDAV server...I'd need:
    --Information on how it works (well, for this I can search
    through the web ;))
    --Maybe a test account, in order to test everything
    myself...would be this possible?


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