Reference of Google API is Wrong (urgent)

  • Slim

    Slim - 2007-02-08

    Hallo developers

    The .dll-Files' Names in the Lib-Folder of Google API have Another Names than the References in csproj-File in RemoteCalendar.Core Proj; So My Question is

    How can I get the Original Files? Or Which dlls should I reference in The Project (remotecaledars.core).


    • Daniele Tiles

      Daniele Tiles - 2007-02-08

      what do you mean "they have different names"?
      You have to reference 3 dll, which are Calendar/Extension and the google API one...but it's weird, they're already referenced...


    • Slim

      Slim - 2007-02-14

      Hallo Lasthope;

      When I fetch the source from SVN-Repository and open It with VS 2005, the references in the Project  "RemoteCalendars.Core" are "CalendarService", "GData" and "GDataExtensions" and so on...

      But the above mentioned References are unlinked to the Assemblies(the dll-Files)and they are marked with an yellow exclamation mark.

      Son when i delete these three references and add new references to the dll-Files from the lib-Directory included in "The Google API"-Directory only the "GData"-Ref works fine and the another 2 Refs does'nt effect anything on the Codes who reference them with the "using" expression.And as well they have the names "gcalendar", "gdata" and "gextensions".

      I hope you can help me with that.



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