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  • CodeMission

    CodeMission - 2007-11-30

    I am trying to build and having trouble.  The first problem is the project RemoteCalendars in the solution will not load.  I am using VS 2005 Professional with all options installed.  I get the message

    "The project file .....\RemoteCalendars\RemoteCalendars.csproj cannot be opened.  The project type is not supported by this installation."

    Do I need a different version of Visual Studio?  The other projects have similar errors to those mentioned by dude4012.  I have tried both the latest svn and the source zip (which appear to be basicly the same)

    Please let me know what I should do.



    • dude

      dude - 2007-12-02

      As the bugs with the src release dont seem to be fixable..
      The following will egt it working:
      1. Add VSTO to vs 2005 see the Msoft download, yep this is not mentioned anywhere..
      This is what prevents the project from loading..
      2. Simply remove the missing assembly.c files from the projects.
      3. Follow the rest of the stuff regarding the missing dlls.

      But there a numerious logic bombs with this code, and simple things like the uninstall scripts dont work (see broken registry; does not remove the addin buttons, also the button dispear every now and then so stops working etc etc..).

      So use with caution..

      • Daniele Tiles

        Daniele Tiles - 2007-12-02

        would you care to explain the "numerous logic bombs in the code"? I know that RC isn't perfect, and it needs some major refactoring (something I'm saying, and not denying)...but it's easy to criticize, while the RC team has been adding for months new features and bugs fixes, and since this project has changed in 2 years at least 3 times the basic technology in order to build a better installer.
        And for the uninstall scripts, you'll be able to check that they follow the official MSDN guide...did you read them?

    • Daniele Tiles

      Daniele Tiles - 2007-12-02

      I didn't finish the previous message

      while the RC team has been adding for months new features and bugs fixes before many problems that happened (first of all, lack of time, since this isn't our main work and we cannot mantain ourselves or a family with it: it's passion which drive this project, but passion with no time doesn't lead to anything)

    • dude

      dude - 2007-12-04

      Dear Danielle,

      All of the above is fine as long as you state that the code is "beta", which is what it is..

      You can shoot the messanger or simply look in the help requests, bugs tracker and you will see the problems which many have reported without success..

      But  you can read these as well as I can..

      I have tried to help the guy who started the message thread..
      As the basic stuff above is simply missing, or perhaps he cannot read as well?

      With regards to the uninstall scripts, they simply dont work!
      Weather I can read MSDN is not relevant..

      To get to a release version the minimim is that the code can be compiled, can add and remove without deleting entries or breaking outlook..

      • Daniele Tiles

        Daniele Tiles - 2007-12-04

        This software as been always developing, as some software is, and I fully know about problems regarding RC are being reported, but as I kept telling you, there are motives why this project hasn't been updated for a long time.
        Check the history, how fast has evolved this project, how many bugs has been closing, how many features has been adding and so on...but it has reached a critical situation, it needs refactoring now. And refactoring requires time which isn't yet available.
        But again, it's easy to criticize and say "it's got numerous logic bombs", and then retreat the hand when been asked WHICH these are (if you could tell it, it could save maybe time, don't you think)?
        Before criticizing that uninstall doesn't work and something about Outlook, please document yourself on MSDN, on the MANY DIFFERENT guides they've wrote and are still writing (because it's a great mess to deploy correctly an add-in for Office), and see on the forums all the kind of people having problems. I don't believe you've run through all the problems of the deployment from .NET 1.1 (do you know what is a C++ shim?) to .NET 2.0 with VS (at least 3 official different guides in 2 years makes you understand that it's even hard to them to explain it)
        Again, it's easy to talk like this.

    • nobl

      nobl - 2008-05-13

      1 Viusal studio 2005
      2 Office 2003 Update: Redistributable Primary Interop Assemblies
      3 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System
      4 Office 2003


      1 download the src from the svn repository
      2 open it with VS 2005
      3 the src uses a file called RemoteCalander.pfx (for security reason) and it will as you the password.
      Ignore the message. When the project is loaded delete the pfx from all the directories and create your own by going to one of the projects properties/siging and give the same name to your file (RemoteCalander.pfx). After you create it copy it in all the folders that had the old file
      4 build your solution



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