Felix Joussein - 2009-09-29

Hi, regardles of using version 6.3 or any previous version, the button "Show errorlog" is useless… I can click on it as often as I want, no logfile pops up… I'd estimate notepad to open and enlight me about my other problem:

Wether I use authentication on my webdav server (apache2)  or not, after "ok" on the "publish calendar" window (of coumrse calendar url and "share my personal outlook calendar" and moving "Calendar" from "Folders not yet published" to "Folders already published"), I get a messagebox saying in german "Benutzername und Passwort sind nicht zulässig. Bitte versuchen SIe es später noch einmal" - meaniing "Invalid username & password, please retry later".

As I said, I get this even if the apache is configured to be accessed without credentials.

Any help appreciated.