Maciej Kijowski - 2009-06-18

I'm trying to use Remote Calendard 6.3 with a WebCalendar that is behind a SSL proxy that requires a personal client certificate. I believe I have configured everything properly on an OS end. Personal certificates are in proper stores with proper permissions etc - basically followed this: and this According to .NET diagnostic log that was enabled Remote Calendars doesn't seem to be trying to send any of the certificates when requested by the server. It still may be error somewhere on my part, so I would like to know if that feature is implemeted. If not, would it be possible to add it? The PKCS12 certificate that I have works fine when use in a web browser (a prompt for selecting a personak certificate pops up when I access the WebCalendar so I can continue)

Second question is about the "Publish" feature and Google Calendar. To my understandind every time I add/modify an entry in my Oulook calendar it will only be transfered to Google Calendars when I click the "Publish" button. Is there any way to make the publishing automatic (say, every 15 minutes)?