Uninstall RemoteCalendars will Not Complete

  • Webmonarch

    Webmonarch - 2007-09-19

    Wow, this is a problem I can't resolve.

    I am trying to uninstall my current version in order to reinstall.

    First, I attempted to go into "Add/Remove Programs." Attempts to remove OR repair were met with errors describing an corrupted uninstall issue.

    Next, I attempted to just download the latest version and just reinstall over the existing installation. It gave an error requiring me to "uninstall the program first."

    Finally, I tried to remove the plug-in by resetting the OUTCMD.DAT file. While that worked for one program, REmote Calendars was unaffected.

    How can I uninstall this thing now? Is there a path or registry setting that I can adjust. I've already read through the FAQs and other documentation.

    • Webmonarch

      Webmonarch - 2007-09-19

      Ok, here is my own answer. Open Outlook and do the following:

         1. Tools->Options
         2. Other
         3. Advanced Options
         4. COM Add-Ins
         5. Uncheck "RemoteCalendars"

  • Thomas Lienhard

    Thomas Lienhard - 2009-09-16


    did anything change in the last version of RemoteCalendars? I cannot find it in the "Com Add-ins" of Outlook any more.


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