#135 Incomplete Calendar sync

Logic (41)

Published an Outlook 2007 calendar to a Webdav server. Installed RemoteCalendars on my XP pro desktop with Outlook 2003. The installation seemed normal, first time I opened Outlook the options box opened and I filled in those blanks.

When I attempted to import the calendar I got an error dialoge box that stated: "Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length" When I cleared that box a second one appeared "An error has occured when subscribing: not all of your iCalendar has been subscribed. Delete it and retry, or contact the RemoteCalendars project"

I deleted and retried several times with same result. I got the same error when I tried using the IE plug-in.

The calendar appointments that do appear on the Outlook 2003 machine are old recurring birthdays that were originally created in Outlook 2003. None on the new appoinments created with 2007 appear. I used a text editor to look at the .ics file on the webdav server. There are many more appointments in that file that do not show on the Outlook 2003 calendar


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