#134 Outlook freezes on Remote Calendar reloading

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I have Remote Calendar 6.3 installed on Outlook 2003. Periodically, about once a day, when Remote Calendars fires to refresh the subscribed calendars, it freezes, leaving both it and Outlook locked. It will stay frozen until I force a quit, which causes Outlook to crash. I have been Abel to reproduce this only after it's done several refreshes, and the PC has been running without restart for at least a day.

Possible causes include a conflict with another Outlook plugin. I am running:
- Plaxo
- Xobni
- LookOut
- Salesforce Outlook edition
- Cloudmark

Add-ins also include iTunes and Tungle. GoToMeeting's add-in is installed, but not in use.


  • Joshua Tretakoff

    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Andras TIM

    Andras TIM - 2008-09-26

    I feel in Outlook 2007 too...


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