Commit Date  
[r1265] (HEAD) by GhostlyDeath


2011-07-02 02:11:35 Tree
[r1264] by ghostlydeath

Fix VC9 Compile and Run

2011-05-21 19:24:05 Tree
[r1263] by GhostlyDeath

Add .. to projects but they are all still broken

2010-11-10 18:57:39 Tree
[r1262] by GhostlyDeath

Move VC projects to proj

2010-11-10 18:55:26 Tree
[r1261] by GhostlyDeath

Add ExtraMap arg for V_DrawPatchEx; Support commands in the new console and add a wrapper so old commands can be executed in the new console

2010-11-10 16:42:15 Tree
[r1260] by GhostlyDeath

Move over old sys directory

2010-11-07 15:18:59 Tree
[r1259] by GhostlyDeath

Add FixedMulSlow and FixedDivSlow which use Int64s, the accuracy loss is in FixedDiv since we are doing a very imprecise division although it is near and fast.

2010-11-06 16:04:50 Tree
[r1258] by GhostlyDeath

Fix background not drawing on loading screen, this is due to off by 0xFF (0.003890991) in FIxedMul which is a limitation of fixed point math, slight precision loss is meaningless for the new drawing functions and supporting of vanilla demos(?) relies on it. Once all the code that relies on floats is gone or uses the old dupx/dupy values we can revert the m_fixed.h vanilla breaker. We could also just add a rounding function which rounds up (+0x100?).

2010-11-06 07:30:26 Tree
[r1257] by GhostlyDeath

Remove unfinished and partially missing FLOORSPLATS code which dates back to Legacy.

2010-11-06 00:17:28 Tree
[r1256] by GhostlyDeath

Remove unfinished 16-bit color mode (-highcolor) which dates back to Legacy.

2010-11-05 23:22:25 Tree
[r1255] by GhostlyDeath

Reduce warnings in v_video.c; Initial command buffer execution code

2010-11-05 23:07:29 Tree
[r1254] by GhostlyDeath

Add better graphical color map support and deprecate the console colormap code (a.k.a. greenmap).; Add V_DrawPatchEx() which deprecates and replaces V_DrawPatch(), V_DrawMappedPatch(), V_DrawScaledPatch(), V_DrawTransPatch() (no code), and V_DrawTranslucentPatch(). This merges similar code across 5 functions into a single function.; Add vid.fxdupx and vid.fxdupy, fixed point screen scale values and base other scales off that.; Remove V_DrawSmallScaledPatch(), it was never used and if we want a small patch we can just rely on reduced screen multiplier values.

2010-11-05 21:38:47 Tree
[r1253] by GhostlyDeath

Add command line option -quiet (useful only with -devparm) for the console loading screen that has the same effect with -devparm not passed on initial start. This would increase developer startup time on very slow development systems such as emulators by skipping multiple draw operations.

2010-11-05 03:34:33 Tree
[r1252] by GhostlyDeath

When the game is first starting and -devparm was not passed, draw the startup console only once and place the words LOADING in it. This decreases loading time for non-developers since drawing and updating the screen after every line of text is printed will add up (about 0.2s on an Intel D510).

2010-11-05 03:24:30 Tree
[r1251] by GhostlyDeath

Commit actual file

2010-11-04 22:51:55 Tree
[r1250] by GhostlyDeath

Add proj/ directory with empty, which handles buildbot.

2010-11-04 22:51:34 Tree
[r1249] by GhostlyDeath

Use permissions for mkdir on FreeBSD also

2010-11-04 12:51:04 Tree
[r1248] by GhostlyDeath

Remove some PARANOIA; Add hud lines when drawing console (prelim)

2010-11-03 14:32:26 Tree
[r1247] by GhostlyDeath

Do not get stuck when displaying a message over an existing message; If the menu is active disable the console and vice versa.; Font colors are not a bit-field, now colors should work correctly.; Add white band behind a menu message.; Add V_DrawFadeConsBackEx() which just uses VEX_ for the fade screen.; Some extended console work (drawing, printing text to it, some key handling), currently replace existing console

2010-11-03 05:14:48 Tree
[r1246] by GhostlyDeath

For multinational support use UTF-8 instead of UTF-16/UTF-32 to save space and to support targets that lack wchar_t support.; Instead of wrapping narrow text drawing functions to wide ones, wrap wide ones to narrow and modify narrow ones to support UTF-8 which converts multi-byte characters into wide characters to draw them (this makes it so we can use the original code with no change).; Remove some repeated text drawing code and const correct the functions.

2010-11-02 21:05:28 Tree
[r1245] by GhostlyDeath

Bring in old graphics into WAD; copy past old v_video Unicode stuff to current

2010-11-02 17:31:23 Tree
[r1244] by GhostlyDeath

#ifdef New memory manager and old memory manager

2010-11-02 17:13:35 Tree
[r1243] by GhostlyDeath

New memory manager; For some reason sprites (world) aren't drawn (at least on x86_64 so far), might be a manager buf (everything else works correctly) or it could be dependency of the old code

2010-10-29 19:07:28 Tree
[r1242] by GhostlyDeath

Greatly improved D_AddPWADs() and IdentifyVersion(), moved searching code to a new function W_FindWad() which handles -waddir, DOOMWADDIR, and DOOMWADPATH in a single function.

2010-10-24 17:57:37 Tree
[r1241] by GhostlyDeath

Enhanced FixedDiv(), removed the floating point cast and make it entirely an integer operation. It is also inlined.

2010-10-23 18:26:14 Tree
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