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Release v0.5.6


  • FIX: KS dose not reflect the energy unit change
  • FIX: rkCalc UI fails to add history.
  • FIX: rclist.ui fails to show scrollbar.
  • FIX?: rkcore contains many inadequate codes esp. for elastic reactions.
  • child windows now inherit the font of the main window.
  • the main window design changed to allow resizing.
Posted by elseifkk 2014-11-23 Labels: release

Release v0.5.5


  • FIX: main loop crashes when table window is closed.
  • FIX: deg/rad button does not work when scrtype=q
  • FIX: zero incident energy not accepted even if QValue is positive.
  • FIX: setting major ticks division fails for larger values.
  • FIX?: setting number of major ticks sometimes fails.
  • FIX: KShift does not become 0 for th3=pi because sin(pi)/=0 in rkcore.f90
  • mass data manager now wont automatically load the newly created mass data as default and
    "Set as Default" button was added.
  • mbox now uses QTextEdit to show message.
  • M-key to toggle maximize/unmaximize plot window and result window.
  • Right-Button drag zooms in/out in plot window.
  • thetaStepBox replaced with QLineEdit to accept arbitrary number of digits.
  • BUG?: mbox fails to show IbeamCursor after mouse button is pressed on.
  • BUG: closing plot window crashes main (hard to reproduce).
Posted by elseifkk 2014-10-12 Labels: release

v0.5.4 released


  • FIX: failed to open mass data manager with the message:
    "RelKinemaDlg::mdmSlot(): Not implemented yet".
  • FIX: with newer gcc kinemaplotcls.h wont compile because of
    -fno-exception flag. this line was appended to
  • FIX: mdm sets particle masses to zero if invoked with no mass
    data directory given.
  • FIX: geometry of message label changed in mdm.
  • FIX: table&plot button remains disabled and rkc and fzc left
    uninitialized when the table closed before calculation is
  • adapted to libfzcal v0.0.4, which is only a bugfix release with
    some updates in C interface.
  • mdm now emits updateMass signal when the contents of mass data
    file are updated and the main performs reload the mass data and
    recalculation of the reaction.
  • new-kb: 1,2,3 to show page of the Emission box.
Posted by elseifkk 2013-08-29 Labels: release

v0.5.3 released

Bugs in mass data manager fixed.

Posted by elseifkk 2012-03-08

v0.5.2 released

This is mainly a bugfix release of v0.5.1.

Posted by elseifkk 2012-02-25