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Next Major Release
Art Work (1)

I could not find the best place to post this, but I have done some work on the icon/logo. The current work is attached. I plan to come up with more, this is just the reasults of the first try. I you do or don't like them please let me know. This is just an idea sample.


  • Ben

    Ben - 2012-04-20
    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • Ben

    Ben - 2012-04-20


  • weibullguy

    weibullguy - 2012-04-20
    • labels: --> 1646065
  • weibullguy

    weibullguy - 2012-04-21
    • labels: 1646065 --> Art Work
    • milestone: --> Next Major Release
    • assigned_to: nobody --> weibullguy
  • weibullguy

    weibullguy - 2012-04-21

    Artwork is on the right path. ReliaFree logo updated in SVN,

  • weibullguy

    weibullguy - 2012-05-02

    Require icons for the following actions:
    1. New
    2. Open
    3. Save
    4. Import
    5. Add
    6. Delete
    7. Cut
    8. Copy
    9. Paste
    10. Undo
    11. Redo
    12. Create charts and graphs
    13. Create text reports
    14. Associate external data with data in ReliaFree database field
    15. Insert a new assembly at the same level as the selected assembly (that is, a sibling assembly)
    16. Insert a new assembly subordinate to the selected assembly (that is, a child assembly)
    17. Insert a new part
    18. Insert a new function at the same level as the selected function (that is, a sibling function)
    19. Insert a new function subordinate to the selected function (that is, a child function)
    20. Insert a new requirement at the same level as the selected requirement (that is, a sibling requirement)
    21. Insert a new requirement subordinate to the selected requirement (that is, a derived requirement)
    22. Save, then exit
    23. Exit without saving
    24. Rollup calculation results

    Icons needed to represent
    1. System revision
    2. System function
    3. System requirement
    4. Assembly (that is, a group of parts)
    5, Assembly subordinate to higher level assembly
    6. Individual part
    7. Individual part subordinate to an assembly
    8. Task
    9, Incident (that is, a failure)
    10. An overstressed part
    11. Database is connected
    12. Database is disconnected


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