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New prototype released, with query ability!


Many, many things have changed since the last relfs prototype!

I didn't want to annunce anything until I'd have the time to solve the
tons of problems I had both with ocamlfuse and relfs. Now that I have
reached a stable development state, here I am - asking again for
request for enhancements, and advice for use cases you would like to
work in relfs.

It's so rare to have a developer asking for "requests" that you can't miss
this great chance! Talk to us about your user data indexing problems!... read more

Posted by Vincenzo Ciancia 2005-10-04

New prototype release for RelFS - Relational Filesystem

RelFS is a relational database filesystem for linux. It stores files on the disk and indexes them in background. It will feature directories that represent queries and automatic classification of newly added documents.

This release features a "compiled-in plugins" system and multithreading to allow indexers to run in background, and developer documentation using doxygen.

Posted by Vincenzo Ciancia 2004-08-08

RelFS first prototype released!

I hope that this will rapidly evolve into a small and robust daemon which, by a plugin architecture, allows as many functionalities as possible.

Posted by Vincenzo Ciancia 2004-07-28