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relaxxPlayer 0.70

Version 0.7 of the interactive ajax client for the music player deamon (mpd) fixes some bugs with newer Browsers like Firefox 3.6 and Chrome and provides now also chinese language.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2010-08-30

Relaxx 0.69

The next release of the enhanced ALAX client for the music player daemon. Now with russian language support. RelaXX includes features like keyboard-control, drag and drop, context-menus, sortable tracklists and more using JavaScript. Suited to all MPD versions and all modern browsers now.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2009-09-28

Relaxx 0.68

A new version of the ajax-driven mpd-webclient. Some minor bugfixes and browser compatibility changes. Supports now various internet-radio and playlist formats.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2009-08-19

Relaxx Player 0.6.7

Last stable release of the OS mpd-browser-client before 0.7. Improved support for radio streams. Added xiph xspf support.
AJAX-based web-frontend for the Music Player Daemon (MPD). RelaXXPlayer includes features like keyboard-control, drag and drop, context-menus, sortable tracklists and more using JavaScript. Can be used as a public jukebox or at Tool to access private music collections from everywhere.
Download at

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2009-05-11

RelaXX-Player 0.65

After 4 month a new release of the mpd web-client. RelaXX is a simple and fast ajax driven jukebox solution to give access to everyone from everywhere in your network.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2009-03-01

RelaXX-0.6 final release

The html/ajax client for the Music Player Daemon is now faster and smaller than ever. Radio steams in various formats like (pls,m4u or asx) can now be added to the playlist.
The next release will allow local monitoring of songs and upload to the mpd collection.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-08-31

RelaXXPlayer 0.6b3

New release of the browser based mpd-client. Still beta but stable enough for daily usage.
Fixed the IE-playlength error when playing radio streams.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-07-06

RelaXXPlayer 0.6 first public beta

First public beta of the MPD-Web frontend. Now with customizable columns.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-06-02

Relaxx Player 0.56

New release of the MPD-Web frontend. Added french and dutch language files and a function to play internet radio streams.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-04-23

RelaXXPlayer 0.55

The AJAX/HTTP-Cilent for mpd. Suggests title and artist from untagged songs now. Tested to work with all css2 browsers and large collections.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-04-14

RelaXXPlayer 0.54

0.54 will be the last release before 0.6 with new features. The rights-management is now complete and the client is tested to work with IE6+7, FF 2x and 3b4, Opera 9 and Safari 3.04.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-03-25

RelaXXPlaxer 0.52 - Important update

Because of unoptimized code the first load of RelaXXPlayer was slow on large mp3 collections. 0.52 is now much faster. We definitely recommend this update to all users.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-03-19

RelaXXPlayer 0.5 released

The first official non beta release of the MPD web-player frontend. Supports skins, languages and all modern browsers.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-03-12

RelaXXPlayer beta 4

RelaXXPlayer 0.5b4 released. Last beta release. Tested as stable and nearly free of bugs.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-03-04

RelaXXPlayer 0.5b3

Included songinfo and mpd-database statistics.
Made some minor layout changes and Javascript optimizations.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-03-01

RelaXXPlayer 0.5b2

Client: Fixed a bug in the playlist refresh, when deleting entries.
Admin: MPD-Outputs can be enabled and disabled.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-02-27

RelaXXPlayer 0.5b

1st. beta. Drag and Drop is now included.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-02-25

RelaXXPlayer 0.5a

The first Version of the MPD Music-Server Client was released the 21. Feb. 08. The Web-Player based on Javascript, AJAX and PHP is yet fully functional.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-02-24

First release

A first version of RelaXXPlayer was released today.

Posted by Dirk Hoeschen 2008-02-21

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