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First release of jojsticken

Okay, now the first alfa release of jojsticken, the rewrite of rejoystick, is done.

Check it out at

It is very limited (more limited then rejoystick) but it works.

You have to have eclipse and sdljava installed to easy try it out. Read the README in the jar file.

Happy hacking!

Posted by samel 2008-10-13

Rejoystick rewrite in progress

Hello all rejoystick users!

I'm now in the process of rewriting rejoystick. It will go under the name jojsticken (which is swedish and it means "the joystick" but misspelled).

Check it out at or

I'm using java with sdljava (sdl bindings for java) which means it should be able to run on a bunch more platforms. At least GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Win 32. That all depends on sdljava.... read more

Posted by samel 2008-10-12

crash bug fixed

Hello again!

It's been a while since the last release. Sorry to say, there nothing new. I got a patch by a guy who claimed it would fix a crash he had with rejoystick. Since I didn't have that bug I didn't know. I hope that this patch will help others as well. Let me know if this helps or if it get worse.

Btw, I'm having plans rewriting rejoystick (though under another name) in Java. Mostly because of ease of programming (C can be nice but when your mixing gtk and sdl and maybe with some signals... it can be messy) and for platform independency.... read more

Posted by samel 2008-09-23

deb, rpm, tar.gz

Okay, now the architecture is rearranged using autotools. Big thanks to Niko for that!

This is the first time I'm releasing rpm files. I'm creating them whith th program checkinstall, the same I'm using to create the deb files. It's very convenient so I hope it works.

I'm using Ubuntu so please tell me if you get it to work on other systems to, even if they're mainstream. I don't _really_ know if rejoystick will run on Red Hat but I think so. Anyway, please tell me as I don't have the time to try for myself. This go especially for *BSD users, Mac OS X users and cygwin users.... read more

Posted by samel 2008-03-26

Back again!

I'm back from Africa and back to hacking rejoystick. With version 0.7 there are som great changes; a gui in gtk and supporting axis (before rejoystick only supported d-pad axis).

Check out the program and let me know what you think, especially if you're running something other than GNU/Linux.

In the future there will exist a possibility to use rejoystick without the gui since the layout files are now made in plain text so you can change them with a text editor.... read more

Posted by samel 2008-03-21

Taking a break...

Hello users of rejoystick!

I'm taking a break (well, have already taken a break and I'm extending it :) so I won't work on RejoysTick for a while since I'm going to the Central African Republic for ten months and can't rely on internet access. However, if I get really bored and don't have stuff to do maybe this'll make me work more on the program. One never really can tell.

As for now, my goals for the next release is the following:... read more

Posted by samel 2007-08-14

Version 0.3.3 released - Minor bug fix

Sorry I haven't done this bug fix sooner but it doesn't really do any harm, but some people might think it does so now it's done.

I'm talking about bug 1687126 "Rejoystick crashes on exit" which prints out a stack trace.

I'm still in need of people giving me feedback on what platforms rejoystick runs on. If somebody could get it running on cygwin that would be superkewl! :)

BSD-users are also very welcome to give me information about installing rejoystick.... read more

Posted by samel 2007-04-22

Testers and feedback still needed

Hello again

I still need testers, especially *BDS users. I would also like any feedback, even if it works nicely. It would be nice to know if it works on more linux distributions than ubuntu.

Consider sending me some feedback at

Posted by samel 2007-04-05

Version 0.3.1 released. Testers needed

A new version with automake. Also fixed some small bugs. Please feel free to test and to give me feedback! I have experienced (nearly) no problems with rejoystick so I won't change anything if you don't want me to.

*BSD users are most welcome to see if rejoystick builds and runs on your systems.

Posted by samel 2007-03-28

Version 0.3 released! With SDL!

Now I'm using SDL to handle the interface to the gamepads device. This means that all posix systems with an X server should be able to use RejoysTick! Bug reports and feedback is most welcome!

Posted by samel 2007-03-21

Version 0.2 released!

Some code cleanup and added documentation and manual. The assignment of keys will now close the program as well, so it will have to be run again (now without assigning keys).

I'm planning on dealing with the joystick events using sdl's joystick interface from now, as it will work with other *nix other than linux as well. Hell, it might even work with cygwin! (But I doubt it.) Anyways, this will probably be the last release without sdl. I know sdl is another dependency and it kinda sucks ass but sdl isn't that huge.

Posted by samel 2007-03-02

Just a little nice .deb file

I fixed a little .deb file because I figured everybody would want one. No rpm or anything because I run ubuntu. You are welcome to provide one if you like. Tip: checkinstall is a sweet program for building binary packages. Supports .deb .rpm and slackware packages.

Posted by samel 2007-02-26

Ready to rumble!

The website is up and running. Thanks to Thomas Eriksson (author of bashish)! My website derived from his. There has been a new file release and now there is a standard configure script in the source like any other decent project.

Posted by samel 2007-02-16

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