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  • Lakshmi Krishnamurthy


    Lakshmi Krishnamurthy
    v2.3, 23 August 2014

    RegressionSuite is a software test suite that incorporates measurement of the startup lag, measurement of accurate execution times, generating execution statistics, customized input distributions, and processable regression specific details as part of the regular unit tests. In particular:
    - Generates a distribution of clock execution times as well the central/extremal statistical measures
    - Measures the initialization/event execution delays
    - Precisely measures the unit execution times by isolating the core execution from the test preparation/post processing
    - Generates multi-level, scenario specific run details in an output for that is compact, processable, and can be used to create further statistics
    - Provides built-in process controls, invocation freedom, and execution without side effects
    - All these available through the framework by implementing a set of simple, elegant interfaces

    Check out the detailed documentation of at the user documentation site. javadoc gives elaborate API usage information.

    All you need is to install is a single jar file - drip.jar (with version info appended). Drop this in the classpath.

    You may optionally need ojdbc14.jar - the Oracle JDBC drivers needed for access to the reference data. Again in your classpath it goes.

    In the attached set of samples, regression testing is done on the CreditAnalytics library – please refer to the Credit Analytics Installation information.

    No special configuration is required to run the RegressionSuite library. Obviously, configuration may be required for the modules that undergo regression testing.

    After installation, start by running the attached CreditAnalyticsRegressionEngine sample (make sure you’ve added drip.jar in your path to run the latest samples).

    The most important calls in the CreditAnalyticsReressionEngine are in its main method. The main initializes the CreditAnalytics library, adds the regressor set, and launches the regression suite. Refer to the javadoc and the comments in the CreditAnalyticsRegressionEngine.java class.

    public static void main (final String[] astrArgs) throws Exception {
        CreditAnalyticsRegressionEngine care = new CreditAnalyticsRegressionEngine (10,
         * Add the regressor sets: Refer to the implementation of the corresponding regressors
        care.addRegressorSet (new CreditCurveRegressor());
        care.addRegressorSet (new DiscountCurveRegressor());
         * Launch regression - and that's it!


    RegressionSuite is distributed under the Apache 2.0 licence - please see the attached Licence for details.


    Lakshmi Krishnamurthy (lakshmi7977@gmail.com)

    Last edit: Lakshmi Krishnamurthy 2014-01-23

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