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i've made a small quakenet plugin, which helps you to auth your bot with Q or L on QuakeNet, check it out

Posted by Samur 2004-08-12

ReglerBot 0.2 alpha

so, the second alpha version of ReglerBot is out, here the changelog:

Version : 0.2 alpha

\- Added internal botversion
\- Added customizable welcome message \(config.xml\)
\- Added StringTools class with a method to replace patterns like \{botversion\}, etc for use in messages defined in config files.
\- Added 'LoadPlugin' parameter to plugin.xml to specify if the plugin should be loaded on startup
\- Added customizable plugin directory \(its buggy so far, dont use it\!\)
\- Added bot logging functions, see logs directory for output
\- Added channel logging for public messages, see logs directory for output. Check config.xml to enable/disable this.
\- Changed config statements from true/false to yes/no
\- Fixed hard coded path-separators \(hope i've got them all\)
\- Added three UserRoles : Master \(the botowner\) \(10\), Admin \(5\) and User \(0\)
\- Added UserRole-check on bot-commands \(still working on this\)
\- Added UserRole-check to the UserFunctions
\- Added joinChannel function for Master \(for testing only, new channel will not be saved in the channels.xml so far\)
\- still mountains of work left :\)... [read more](/p/reglerbot/news/2004/08/reglerbot-02-alpha/)
Posted by Samur 2004-08-12

ReglerBot 0.1 alpha out!

first release, just to test the plugins and figure out how all works :)

- plugin support works so far, but there are some things left to do
- user management istn't full implemented yet
- much to do left :)

just download the RSSNewsPlugin, install it and test it

Posted by Samur 2004-08-03

RSSNewsPlugin 0.1 released!

The first example plugin for ReglerBot is ready!
RSSNewsPlugin is able to parse rss feeds and write the latest entries to specified channels.

it's about time for the RegleRot alpha :)

Posted by Samur 2004-08-03

staff & page

I'm pleased to be able to tell you, that chriztian, a friend of mine, joined this project. He will help me with the translation, but maybe i can induce him to do more :)

In addition we've got an basic page ready, which can be viewed under . The content is still under construction.

Posted by Samur 2004-08-02

working on page

i'm currently working on a page for this project. you can find it in some days under
i'll try to release an alpha version shortly after that

Posted by Samur 2004-07-31

here we go!

ahhh, a fresh, maiden page...we should do something about it...
i'll try to release an alpha version of this bot within a couple of days. you'll also find some docs about it then. at first, i've got to check out the whole stuff :)

Posted by Samur 2004-07-30

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