#8 Regina continues execution after failure


I'm hoping a fellow Regina user can help me with
this, because it's making me crazy...

When Regina encounters a CALL to a subroutine or
an invocation of a function, it performs a search for
that routine. It searches internally first, then
externally. If the routine is found, it is executed.

However, if the routine is *not* found, the
message "The name specified is not recognized as
an internal or external command, operable program
or batch file." appears, and Regina CONTINUES
EXECUTION! This is the message which is normally
issued by the OS for unknown commands, so I am
not sure whether the OS is issuing this message, or
Regina is.

This surprises me, because every other REXX
language processor I have used (about 4-6 of
them) will stop execution at this point. It is
unclear to me what value Regina uses for the result
of the invocations which do not occur, or if the
instruction containing the failed invocation is

I am wondering what the rationale for this
behaviour is, or if it might be properly classified as
a "bug". I am having a problem debugging some of
my programs due to this behaviour, because it is
difficult to learn which routine causes the problem
(it would be nice if that information were at least
included in the message, if Regina is issuing it).

Something as simple as a mis-typed function or
subroutine name can lead to this problem. For
example, if you overreach the letter "O" key and hit
the digit "0" key when typing the BIF
name "RANDOM" (you get "RAND0M", which may
not be immediately apparent, depending on your
font). When you run the program you get behaviour
described above.

Note: I am running Regina 3.0 under Windows NT
4.0 (SP6)


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