#21 Install for Mac OSX


From the information on this site, Regina should be able to run
on a MAC OSX system. Where is the documention for doing this
and which files need to be downloaded to the MAC?


  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2003-11-13

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    I have built and uploaded a binary version of Regina 3.2 for
    Mac OSX 10.1. Following are the notes I've written (included
    in Regina 3.3) for how to go about getting Regina installed
    and running.
    One thing to note about Regina on Mac OSX. It is included in
    the latest Fink package, so that is another option for

    This file explains how to setup Regina on MacOS X 10.x.
    1) To enable Regina to load external function packages, you
    need to
    download and install the "dlcompat" package. The source
    is available
    from the "fink" project at http://fink.sf.net, but I had
    to change
    1 line of the code to get it to compile. Therefore I've
    made the
    source available from the Regina downloads page.
    The version I have used and tested is in
    You can get a pre-compiled "dlcompat" package from:

    but this pre-compiled binary will only work if you have
    root access
    and can install it in /usr/local. The source is available

    2) Either build dlcompat from source and follow the
    instructions in
    the README, or unzip dlcompat-20020929.zip into /usr/local
    3) If you have root access on your machine, move the libdl*
    to /usr/local/lib. If you don't have root access, I
    suggest you move
    the libdl* file(s) to $HOME/lib.
    4) Add the directory you moved the libdl* file(s) to, to the
    environment variable.
    Assuming you have moved the files into $HOME/lib...
    4) If you plan on building Regina yourself, move dlfcn.h
    into either
    /usr/local/include or $HOME/include depending on whether
    you have root
    access or not.
    5) To build Regina yourself, you will need to specify:
    --with-dlfcnincdir=$HOME/include --with-dlfcnlibdir=$HOME/lib
    as parameters to the configure script if you couldn't
    move the libdl*
    file(s) and dlfcn.h to /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include

  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2003-11-13
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  • William Kleinwachter

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    I have read the followup on this issue, and I am as lost as ever.
    There seems to be a background difference between us, because
    the answer below is confusing. You mention that you have
    uploaded a binary version of Regina 3.2 for OSX 10.1. Where is
    it? What is the file name of this binary package for OSX? I cannot
    find it on the download page for the Regina project located at http:
    //sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=28102. You
    then mention that there is install documentation about Regina for
    Mac OSX included in Regina 3.3. Where is that file?
    You mention FINK. What is FINK? Do they only have source for
    Regina for OSX?
    You mention that to Enable Regina to load External Function
    Packages, you need to download something. I am not sure of
    what I need to download. You mention source again here, but
    where is the binary version of this source and where do you want
    me to install it. I have no experience in doing a C compile of this
    source under OSX if that is what you mean.
    Later on you mention changing an environmental variable. Where
    are they in OSX? How do you change them?
    As you can see, your knowledge level and mine are worlds apart.
    I am an end user trying to install Regina on my MAC OSX 10.3
    system. I normally know how to install software on this platform,
    but the instructions that I have used so far are not as criptic as
    these. Sorry.


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