There doesn't seem to be much activity here.  I hope someone listening can help.

I would like to use REXX on MAC OS X.  I have used it for years (even decades) on IBM VM and OS/2 (& Warp, & eComStation), but I can't for the life of me figure out how to use Regina REXX on OS X.

I downloaded Regina-REXX-3.4-universal.pkg.dmg from, where it is described as the "Regina Universal Package for OSX".  Executing this leads to the creation of a virtual disk containing Regina-REXX.pkg which, when invoked, starts the OS X installation program.  This, after going through its machinations, presents a message indicating the installation was successful.

However, I don't see that anything has been changed in the system.  I conclude that whatever was installed was put into the dark recesses of the Unix on which OS X is run.

Nevertheless, I cannot see how to invoke it.  The documentation I have (regina34.pdf) seems only to talk about execution from a command line -- not even a concept in OS X.  The only mention of OS X I find is in the table of Ports of Regina.

Am I to conclude that the way to use Regina-REXX is from the Unix command line ?  If not, what should I be doing ?  If so, is there some way to set it up to be more accessible from the OS X desktop ?

Of course, the same sorts of questions apply the line editor THE.  Again, I see no reference to OSX anywhere in the manual beyond an indication that it has been ported.  I'm not sure whether I've found this port.  Is it included in the available download ?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Stratton McAllister