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Syntax checking

  • Toby Thurston

    Toby Thurston - 2005-01-19

    The version of rexxc.exe (the Rexx Tokenizer) that ships with IBM's O'Rexx has a useful feature;  if you omit the output name  it just does a syntax check of the input file.

    Is there an equivalent for Regina? 

    I tried "rexx -c file.rex" but Regina complained that I had omitted an output filename.


    • Toby Thurston

      Toby Thurston - 2005-01-19

      The answer is of course just too simple. All you have to do is to do "rexx -c file.rex /tmp/junk" and toss away or ignore the junk output.


      • Robert A "Bob" Cruz

        The original post did not indicate which version of Regina or the OS in use.  The second post gives a way to direct the output to the temporary disk work area.  However, instead of filling up the disk with unused tokenized programs, you can direct them to the null device (the infamous "bit bucket").  In Windows, the syntax is:

           REXX.EXE -c file.rex NUL:

        (there is an equivalent in Linux, I just forget offhand)


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