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  • larry altman

    larry altman - 2003-12-23

    Does anyone know of any Context Sensitive help files for Regina, or of a Word formatted version of the pdf documentation?

    thanks - larry

    • Florian Grosse-Coosmann

      The help files are a matter of change currently.

      For reading the 3.2 doc you can download the
      sxw file, install OpenOffice and save it as
      "Word 97" file. OK, this is a little bit too much
      to do for getting another format, so what do you
      call "context sensitive help"?

      Alternately drop me an email and I'll post a Word 97
      compatible copy of the sxw file to you.

      Cheers, Florian

      • larry altman

        larry altman - 2003-12-31


        My understanding of "context sensitive help" is a help facility invoked by using F1 when the cursor is on a particular word, e.g. pressing F1 when the cursor might be on SUBSTR, PARSE, etc. the syntax and/or description would pop-up.  I saw a help file like this built for the EUPHORIA programming language (the file was F1JOCKEY.ZIP) on the Euphoria web site,
        I thought that in my "spare" time I might try to create something like that.

        Anyway,  anything you can provide is appreciated.  Even if it's just a "good luck."

        Thanks, larry

    • Florian Grosse-Coosmann

      I don't know how a Word document will help here.
      Pressing F1 in Word won't give any other help
      than on Word. Regina itself doesn't have an
      IDE, so a standalone description as downloadable
      must be sufficient. Or do you mean clickable
      items in the documentation and your viewer
      follows the link? This isn't implemented so far,
      so neither the PDF nor the OpenOffice or
      Word document will have it. A Word document
      has the single advantage that you can use Word's
      macros to cummulate your favourite commands
      into a macro.

      It's Mark's responsibility to maintain the doc. Do
      you want me to ask him for a cross-linked doc?

      After all, do you want the Word version?

      Cheers, Florian

    • Mark V

      Mark V - 2004-01-03

      PMJI  Larry can you say more.  Initially I thought that you were looking for an IDE or Editor-specific  files or some such.   I suspect you would have to build your own app-specific ones in that case.

      There is Regina (3.1) Help docs packaged in HTML.  That is not a single file nor is everything linked as you might want it, but it can be modified by you perhaps.  I've done so in the past but I do not think it was really worth the the time spent nor is it easy to manually update version to version.  Instead I use the PDF (fat and slow, thanks Adobe) in conjunction with a rh.rex script.  The script gives brief text on instructions/functions.   Something like MS's "/?" command help.  Just enough to remind about the syntax and any special notes for selected functions/instructions or other.  It's fast and serves the purpose and might be a good project for you.

      Maybe you are looking for a CHM file?  I'd rather have an old-style HLP in that case.  Or perhaps Mark H. will alter the way the HTML doc package is laid out in the future.   HTML and PDF can be cross-platform and anything more restricted (CHM, TEX, etc) might take too much time away from Regina developement.

      If you can be specific about what you are looking for it may help.  Even if the answer is "not supplied".   

      Two cents worth of thoughts. <G>

      Regina 3.2, Win32;  W2K

      • Heribert Slama

        Heribert Slama - 2004-04-09

        May I ask you how well the PDF file (regina31.pdf) looks on on your screen? Here it looks quite awful with Adobe Reader 6.0 (and earlier versions; it looks good when displayed with Ghostview). Most letters are surrounded by boxes; here is a sample:
        (blurred outlines are mostly due to jpeg compression).

        Regina 3.2/Win32, W2K, Adobe Reader 6.0

        • Mark Hessling

          Mark Hessling - 2004-04-10

          I've just uploaded the PDF document for Regina 3.3RC2 to SourceForge. This one displays much better in Acrobat 6.


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