Adding REXX to FreeDOS - version# + emxrt?

New B2
  • New B2

    New B2 - 2004-07-15

    I have tried to do this without help but got stuck at a "emx not found" prompt in FreeDOS when trying to run 'rexx dateconv'. I had copied the demo dir + rexx.exe from the vcp version of rexx 3.3.

    Can anyone tell me where to find emx 09d / emxrt as this is mentioned in the readme but no link given. I searched SF for emx and emxrt - neither worked.

    Also - last point - am I using the right base (vcp) and has somebody already done this?

    FYI my requirement is a language to run in raw DOS (ideally FreeDOS) so that I can write setup utilities to be run while Windoze (98 +?) is "asleep". Obviously .BAT files have been stretched to do all sorts of stuff but I wanted a proper language that I knew and didn't have to bend too much.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mark V

      Mark V - 2004-07-17

      I just tried a "Hello World" one-liner with success.  Nothing more complex, but did run the DATECONV.REX demo as well.

      EMX:   (all you need is emx.exe)

      [Mark H,  perhaps that source URL might go in the README]

      * FreeDOSkernel 1.1.35 (32-bit)
      * FDOS COMMAND.COM (0.82 pl3 XMS_Swap (Dec 2003))
      * FDOS HIMEM.EXE (HIMEM64 3.11) (himem.exe 6,838 2004-05-04)
      * REXX.EXE (3.3 DOS/VCPI)

        (shell and DOS=HIGH, no EMM386)

      PATH contains REXX.EXE location *and* EMX..EXE location.
      SET TMP   is defined
      SET EMXOPT=-p    (required as per Rexx README)
      SET TZ=   (might be needed for EMX (?))

      I was last using Regina 2.2 (IIRC) and MS-DOS 7.x).  Your post has me mildly interested in 3.3 and FreeDOS as I use Regina on several other platforms and I am a FreeDOS Flag-Waver!

      I made no attempt to use the FDOS EMM386 at this time as EMX 09d can use XMS (2.7 or greater).

    • New B2

      New B2 - 2005-07-19

      I tried the (markvi / EMX) suggestion but failed to make it work.

      I now have a more interesting Boot Environment (UBCD) and wondered whether anyone has created an image with Regina DOS REXX and PC or MSDOS that works with one of the boot loaders they provide?

      What I am attempting to create is a CD which can have the power of a HLL like REXX but while Windoze is sleeping and Files etc. can be manipulated without M$ getting in the way.


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