Anonymous - 2010-10-09

Hi all,
currently, I'm trying to make some REXX stuff I've got on OS/2 work on Linux. (Debian Lenny with Regina 3.3).
I was used to seeing the  standard output of  external scripts  in the  console of the calling script:

Now under Linux, all output of the called script seems to end up  somewhere invisible..
Also, I always have to specify the fill path to the called script, the search algorithm  that's in the Regina doc
doesn't seem to work here for unknown reasons. Maybe these problems are even related (the external command being started in a separate shell?).



/* 1st script calling another one */
say 'Calling script!'
call './myscript.cmd called from first'
/* call myscript "called from first" wouldn't work , gives a shell error message of file not found */ 

#! /usr/bin/regina
/* myscript.cmd, called from the above*/
arg argl
if argl = '' then say 'No Args'
else say argl
/*This output will vanish*/