How can I write directly to the console?

  • Robert A "Bob" Cruz

    Under Windows 2000, I would like to be able to write directly to the console, and not have my ouput redirected.  I have been able to do this under IBM Object REXX by coding:

       CALL LINEOUT 'CON:', line

    but when I try this with Regina, I get:

    Error 20 running "C:\UTILITY\eval.rex", line 11: Name expected
    Error 20.1: Name required; found ":"

    I have seen Regina error messages (which are presumably written to syserr) on the console, because ordinary redirection doesn't redirect syserr.

    Can anyone tell me how to write to either CON: or syserr from Regina?

    • Mark Hessling

      Mark Hessling - 2003-06-25

      Use the stream name of either 'stderr', or '<stderr>'. Regina also recognises 'stdout' and 'stdin' with angle brackets or without.

    • Robert A "Bob" Cruz

      That works great, thanks.  Does the fact that angle brackets are not required mean I can't create a disk file named simply "syserr"?

      • Mark Hessling

        Mark Hessling - 2003-07-02

        Yes you can create a file called "syserr", but I think you mean a file called "stderr".
        Yes you can write to a file "stderr", but you will need to add a directory path to it like ".\stderr"


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