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Unwanted "Press ENTER key to exit..."

  • George

    George - 2003-07-23


    I've installed Regina-Rexx on Windows/XP.  When I run a program in a DOS Window, I get prompted to "Press ENTER" and I don't want that prompt to pester me all the time.  Does anyone know how to turn off this "feature"?


    • Mark V

      Mark V - 2003-07-23

      That sounds much like an earlier version behavior.  Did you get 3.0 perhaps.  For one release this was the default action and a command-line switch was needed (can't recall it though) to overide it.  The 3.2 for Win32 does not do this.  

    • Bob Babcock

      Bob Babcock - 2004-02-15

      I just installed 3.3rc1 under Win/2K and see the same problem.  The installer added the -p option to the command that Windows executes when running a Rexx file.  The fix is to go to Windows Explorer,  Tools, Folder Options, File types.  Find one of the associated extensions and click the Advanced button.  Then pick Open, Edit and remove the -p from the command.

      A quick search of the 3.1 pdf docs doesn't find the -p option.

    • aperret

      aperret - 2004-06-07

      THANKS!  We were knocking ourselves out trying to figure out how and where to remove the invocation flag.

  • Eric Gustavison

    Eric Gustavison - 2009-12-03

    I ran into this a year ago or longer, and there was "in fact" a switch that I added to the command: ADDRESS SYSTEM 'START "D:\TextPad 4\TextPad.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\dt62659\My Documents\journal.txt"' right in between the executable and the txt file. But I have since then lost the code to hardware faults and can't recall what it was. I would like to find it again, although the removal of "-p" did do the trick.

  • George

    George - 2009-12-03

    For this, I have asked and since then have found the answer.

    With REGEDT32 you look for:

    and change it to the following everywhere.

    "Regina\regina.exe" "%1" %*


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