How can I play a WAV file from a Rexx program

  • Jack Weaver

    Jack Weaver - 2006-08-07

    Is there a XP program available that can be called from a Regina Rexx program to play a .WAV file?

    • Mark V

      Mark V - 2006-08-08

      Not sure that this is a Regina question...  In future I suggest Batch language or Win32 CLI groups/fora for similar 3rd-party CLI tools.

      Meanwhile, there are many such tools (Google for them). 

      Used here (W2K, regina 3.3) FWIW.

      WAV.EXE v2.65 - Command line audio file player
      Copyright (c) 1998-2001 by WebGeek, Inc.

      I have no valid URI for this one.

      This is not a very elegant solution.  Probably OoRexx can call the Windows function directly.  Possibly one can use do that from Regina via Win32 APIs.

      • Jack Weaver

        Jack Weaver - 2006-08-09

        Sorry about that!  I Googled 'till my eyes bled before I posted this without much success.  I found wav.exe but there was also this posted on the search page:

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        Anyway your suggestion helped.  Thanks

    • David Wade

      David Wade - 2006-09-10

      Could you use the API stuff at:-

      to call a player. Possibly using OLE?


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