I need to modify Regina for uniRexx extension

  • Alan Insley

    Alan Insley - 2001-07-13

    Will you be putting the source here?
    And, would you be interested in a uniRexx extension option?  I would be glad to put them in #ifdef blocks or add a runtime option to enable them.


    • Mark Hessling

      Mark Hessling - 2001-07-24

      Yes, the source is now here.
      I'm always interested in help with any enhancements to Regina ;-) Could you give me a bit more information on what you mean by supporting uniRexx extensions ?

    • Alan Insley

      Alan Insley - 2002-02-22

      We knew right off we needed upper and lower functions, and a default NUMERICDIGITS of 10.
      Turns out that was all we changed so far.
      Neither change seemed to belong in the real Regina release.


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