Exiting through API

  • badboy

    badboy - 2001-07-08

    Hi there,

    I'm using a bridge from Java (Beans Scripting Framework via BSF4Java) to talk to the regina dll for use in my text game helper (http://j-twat.sf.net)  Anyways, I got it all set up and going fine for running scripts, but the issue I have is when you try to stop them.  The interface to regina is handled via a dll, and the functions I override are done with RexxRegisterFunctionDLL.

    I read over the documentation on the Regina site, and it seems like the following should work:

    RexxRegisterExitDll("exitHandler" , DLLNAME, "exitHandler", NULL, 1 );

      RXSYSEXIT exits[2];
       exits[0].sysexit_name = "exitHandler";
       exits[0].sysexit_code = RXHLT;
       exits[1].sysexit_code = RXENDLST;

    I was hoping to tell be able to have a function that told the script to halt via the exitHandler.  That's how I read it anyways, I might be way off.  However, I can't even get that far because the RegisterExitDLL function comes back with a 30 (not registered).  This function (nor any other exit registration function, BTW), was not in the docs, but I found it in the .h file.  Is it supported?  Am I using it correctly?  I don't know the last two parameters.

    Also, is it possible to do what I want it to do?  Can I tell it to halt via that exit handler?  Or is there a different way to stop processing?  I figure there has to be some elegant way to kill it. 

    Any help anyone can give me on this lengthy message will be greatly appreciated.

    • Alan Insley

      Alan Insley - 2001-07-13

      Sorry I don't have more time to look at your question...
      Exit handlers respond to events.  It seems that you are trying to generate an abort.
      If so try and send the process a signal.

      Best Regards!

      • badboy

        badboy - 2001-07-13

        Actually, I solved the problem using the RegisterExitSubCommand function.  The DLL one is not implemented.  Just a note that none of these functions are in the documentation, yet it refers to "registered exit hooks" when talking about setting up your exit block. 

        Thanks for the response


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