#64 files not released

Rod Dav4is

Regina 3.1b2 on Win/me

Running a nonce rexx utility which was
to make simple corrections in about 2000 files. In testing, I
noticed that I could not display any of the files operated on until
the utility had exited.

Utility source attached.

testing, I limited the loop to process just a few files, intending
to inspect them before doing the whole shebang. When the utility
was paused at the 'pause' statement, attempts to view the files
with WordPad were futile, "file in use".

If Regina does not
close these files, that would explain symptoms I see when making a
lengthy PPW run. It takes several minutes after completion before
things return to normal. For example, exploring a folder may take
several minutes to bring up and format the first screen.

problem may be the root cause of the next one I am about to enter.
(Files not processed.)



  • Rod Dav4is

    Rod Dav4is - 2002-10-02

    The nonce repair script

  • Rod Dav4is

    Rod Dav4is - 2002-10-02

    The repair pipeline stage

  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2003-02-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rexx

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