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#391 REGINA not supporting 9 digits for exponents


Regina 3.3 works ok.

Every release of Regina since then doesn't support 9 digits for the exponent.

The standard state that REXX implementations must support AT LEAST nine digits for the exponent.

Numbers with an exponent of

999999990 and
999999991 and
999999992 work.

All larger exponents return CHAR when tested with DATATYPE(xxx)

_______________________________________ Gerard Schildberger


  • frank

    frank - 2013-01-16

    On page 87 of regina.pdf 3.7 some DATATYPE examples are given, notably:

    DATATYPE('1E999999999') 'CHAR'
    DATATYPE('1E9999999999') 'CHAR'

    This obviously misses the intended point, '1E999999999' with nine 9s should be 'NUM', and in contrast the next example with ten 9s is 'CHAR' as shown.

  • Gerard Schildberger

    For all the different REXXes that I can use, all return

    NUM for 1e999999999

    not CHAR

    Nowhere did I use a ten digit exponent.
    ________________________________________________ Gerard Schildberger


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