#370 The Syntax Format


In section 3.1.1, there are six errors in four clauses:

say D2X( 61 ) doesn't return a single character (it returns two characters '3D'), and that character(sic) isn't an "A".
say D2X( 61, 1 ) doesn't return the single character "A" (it returns a 'D').
say D2X( 61, ) it says it should return an error, but doesnt.

Also, these examples are dependant on the hardware being used, ASCII or EBCDIC.

Why would this document say that it "SHOULD RETURN ERROR". (Also, it's bad English).
If it should, then have Regina return an error. Why talk about what Regina SHOULD do?


xx= 4 / 0

Note: This should give error.

Rather: This will give an error ---or better yet--- This will give a SYNTAX error.

It would be better to use a non-dependent hardware BIF such as SUBSTR
say substr('abcdef', 3, ) for instance.

Also, in this same paragraph, it says "... it is not really allowed to let the last possible ...

What does this mean? Is it allowed, or isn't it allowed? This is supposed to be a definition
of what's and what's not allowed in the REXX language.

__________________________________________ Gerard Schildberger


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