#82 Ultra DMA Support in rEFit Apple Limitation


Hello everyone,

I have found that when using non-Apple hardware (big surprise) - that Ultra DMA Mode 5 will not work with the DVD Drive - in my case Blu Ray. The drive can play back, however, it is limited to Multi-Word DMA 2 which is not fast enough to play back the discs in bootcamp. If anyone knows how in the shell I could enable DMA support for non Apple optical drive hardware - I would appreciate it. I make a lot of movies for post production companies and lately I have been using higher quality media files that require more storage than DVD discs. Therefore, I have been going crazy to see how Apple locked down this feature when booting Windows on MacBook Pro Computers. If it helps I have 17'' non-unibody MacBook Pro model. USB drive solves the problem, however, having a blu ray drive int eh machine it would be great to review my work quicker. Thanks for any help and suggestions you may have.


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