#84 countdown timer

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There needs to be a way to prevent the countdown timer from stopping when the key is pressed on the keyboard. When a key is pressed, the timer should either finish its countdown or restart itself and then start counting down again.
I ask for this feature to help save our LCD screens. In the educational environment, many students will press a button when rEFIt comes up which causes the auto-boot timer to stop. An operating system is then not selected and the rEFIt screen gets burned into the LCD screen.


  • Raptor007

    Raptor007 - 2009-07-27

    The funny thing is, I'd like the opposite option.

    I'm in the habit of walking away from my machine while it reboots. Unfortunately, rEFIt always boots to Mac OS X by default, so if I walk away from a Windows reboot, I'll come back and the OS X login screen is waiting for me. I would like to be able to disable the count-down entirely so this doesn't happen.

    It seems like we need some count-down options when installing rEFIt.

  • Raptor007

    Raptor007 - 2009-07-27

    Errr, disregard my last... I just realized there's a refit.conf that has exactly what I need!

  • Ryan Slater

    Ryan Slater - 2010-04-12

    What is the refit.conf option for prevent the timer from stopping when a key is pressed ?

    I've been looking for this refit trigger for awhile.



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