#78 renaming of partions

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It would be nice to rename what the partitions are called in the rEFIt menu. Currently you can only go by the icons. It would be nice to rename them to what they are. eg. OSX, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu etc. It would make it much easier to know which you are booting into (escpecially when booting into windows.)


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    Yes. Why can't you read the Partition name? Is that hard to do? Listing it would be a big time saver to me, since I have a lot of partitions.

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    This was exactly my thought after I setup two iMacs:
    iMac 1: 10.4/10.5 and Windows XP
    iMac 2: 10.5, Windows XP and Vista

    While it's not a major issue on the first machine, it's a pain on the second as end users don't know which Windows partition to load into for the Windows OS they are after.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I agree, it would help so much in a lab deployment situation with 2 Windows drives to have the ability to rename them.


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