#6 Option to Eject CD

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Joseph Huang

First and foremost: GREAT WORK!

You seem to already be able to detect whether or not a CD is inserted.
Why not add the option to eject it? This means people who don't even
dual boot will may rEFIt useful, and can increase the exposure/popularity
of rEFIt. People are always complaining about having CDs stuck in their
Macs and needing to wait for the OS to boot just to eject it.

Of course, this is really a fringe feature request, not at all related to the
main goal of rEFIt, but maybe it's really easy to do,


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    Setting to a low priority for two reasons:

    1. The firmware already lets you eject the CD. Just hold the Eject key, F12 key or
    left mouse button while booting. (This will only work _before_ rEFIt is started.)

    2. There is no obvious way to send an Eject command to the CD drive. The
    standard EFI interfaces only account for data block I/O.

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    just hold the mouse button down when the mac is booting, the
    CD will eject.

    • priority: 2 --> 5
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    Apple's recently released EFI DDK contains a "Removable Storage" protocol that
    contains functions to eject optical drives. I'll investigate how to integrate this
    into rEFIt when I have the time.

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    I don't think this is a fringe request. Triple booting (and Quad booting if you count the Live CD boots) means that the wrong CD is in the drive all the time. This would be my first request.

    Yes, great work.

  • Anduras AG
    Anduras AG

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    How does the Apple (WinXP) bootloader do it? Isn't this EFI based too?

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    Yes, Apple's own built-in boot menu is based on EFI, too. However, Apple controls the firmware and can add and use any number of private interface extensions they like.

    Apple has in fact released a few of their EFI extensions, one of which may make it possible for rEFIt to eject the CD. Other extensions remain private, for example there's no way to detect presses of the Eject key or the modifier keys.

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  • Michael Janich
    Michael Janich

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    This is a must! THANKS!!

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    Sorry, just added it to bugbase, thinking that the Eject key is something standard (and always working) on Mac's. Anyway, if you can detect an Eject key press, make it with another key, like F12 (the other standard key). Thank you very much for your fine work!

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    I agree wholeheartedly with this request. Having to boot an OS just to eject a CD is a major pain. The ability to eject it via rEFIt would be awesome!

  • Dear anonymous at Date: 2006-05-30 17:23

    I had landed myself on a triple-boot trial scenario where I couldn't boot the linux I installed, couldn't boot installed macOS, couldn't boot the carbon copied mac-os on an external hdd and couldn't boot windows. Very scary if you can't seem to get the disc out.