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John P

rEFIt could be hugely useful in a lab scenario if it could be NetBooted. I know that a single EFI module can be NetBooted by making it available via tftp with the right configuration, but rEFIt seems to use many ancillary files (icons, a config file, &c.) that it would not have access to unless it first learned about NFS or disk images or something.


  • Christoph Pfisterer

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    Hmm. It looks like directly accessing the network from rEFIt wouldn't be easy.

    Would you be okay with a solution where you create a compressed ramdisk image with rEFIt, its resources, plus any tools you need, and attach that to a special EFI binary that would unpack that ramdisk, install a driver for it in the EFI environment, and pass control to an EFI binary inside the image? With the pieces that are already there in the rEFIt codebase that should be reasonably easy to implement. Currently I'm thinking about a Linux romfs image, compressed as a whole with gzip or the EFI compressor...

  • Christoph Pfisterer

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    • milestone: --> rEFIt 1.0 (Next Major Release)
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  • John P

    John P - 2007-02-04

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    I would be quite happy with any solution. If memory serves, EFI provides some primitives for network access anyway, doesn't it?



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