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I'm trying to load a script at boot time so that I can get the Mac Mini to power on automatically after a power failure from within windows. It works from within OSX but from windows it doesn't power backup. So i need to write a script that changes the AFTER_G3 bit and I need this script to run at boottime. I know I can run it frmo shell manually, but a way to run a list of scripts automatically would be nice.


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    guess you found the great one liner from mythic beasts too. i was looking for that piece of idea for a long time. stuck in the same place, dont know how to set this register correctly. after i didnt succeed to autoboot into efishell with the ability to boot windows automagically afterwards, my plan is now to find a tool that is able to write to pci registers out of windows. no success so far.

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    The current version of rEFIt will auto-load any EFI binary in /efi/tools/drivers. This is intended for loading file system drivers, but using the EFI shell and an appropriate "startup.nsh" script, you might be able to get this working as is.

    In the future, I might add a feature to run stuff from, say, /efi/tools/autorun, and add code to run .nsh scripts by invoking the EFI Shell for that (not sure if that works as expected technically).


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