#157 Keys remap


As I understand such things like keyboard remappings are usually held by BIOS on standard PC, and on Intel Macs this is done by EFI.
If so, is it possible to have keyboard remap in rEFIt?

I have both Mac OS X and Windows XP (in both Bootcamp, Parallelis Virtual Machine mode) on MacBook Pro (2009) and iMac (2009). I also use Windows Only HP Notebook and Windows Desktop PC at work.
So for me it's a nightmare to use all the modifiers keys on different OSs and keyboards. I also use VBA and some programs that need keys like Pause/Break, PrintScreen which I miss a lot on aluminum wireless iMac's and MacBook's keyboards.

What I need:
1. To swap Ctrl and Fn keys. I can do it on Mac, but it's almost impossible in Windows. Now switching languages by Shift+Ctrl in Windows is not good and I always Press Fn+Z instead Ctrl+Z.
2. To remap Alt, Ctrl and Cmd (win) keys in normal order. So that in all systems I had the same location of those keys: Ctrl+Fn+Win+Alt. I made a swap of the keys in keyboard prefs on Mac, but when I use Parallelis or MS Remote Desktop Connection something is wrong, so instead of Alt I get ctrl, and there is no Win. Remappings in those programs' prefs does something but doesn't solve the problem completely.
3. To map special keycodes to Fn+x buttons, so in Windows I could for example press Fn+F4 and get pause/break and Fn+Eject to do PrintScreen or better to map Fn+Eject to Eject keycode and Eject to Delete keycode.
4. To make right Cmd work like RightAlt and RightAlt like Property button in Windows.
5. To replace Fn+Enter acting like insert with Enter, so both Enter and Fn+Enter act as Enter. Now deleting a file with Fn+Backspace in Windows asks confirmation on which I press Enter with Fn still pressed and have no reaction.
6. I would like to use Fn+1,2,3,... keys to work like numpad 1,2,3,... keys because I want to use them for special characters input like Alt+151 and Alt +149 and so on.

I would print labels for these buttons and would live happily.

Please, make my dream come true. I would do re-mappings myself you just make it possible.

Thanks a lot for rEFIt


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