#155 Boot on Expresscard SSD (PCIe bridge)


Is it possible to boot with a Macbook Pro Core Duo (First generation of MBP) on an Expresscard SSD like this one :
It seems to be recognized as a Sata Drive with the PCIe bridge in the Expresscard slot.
If it is not possible, will it be a new feature ?


  • Christoph Pfisterer

    I can't tell you if the card will work or not. If the firmware recognizes it without extra drivers, it should just show up in the rEFIt menu and work normally (at least for Mac OS X; Windows may be a different matter). If the card is not natively recognized by the firmware, but comes with installable EFI drivers (e.g. a file called something.efi), you can drop that driver into /efi/tools/drivers (create the directory if it doesn't exist yet), and rEFIt will load the driver before scanning for boot volumes.

    It's outside of the scope of rEFIt to write EFI device drivers for hardware, so if the above doesn't work, it won't be fixed.

  • Kevin Quincey

    Kevin Quincey - 2011-01-03

    Hi there -

    I am using a 96gb WinTec SSD card in my Express Card slot on a macbook pro 17" and have the same question. I have formatted and setup the SSD card to look as nearly identical to the internal hard disk as I can (the mac partition is first, the windows partition is at the end and is exactly the same size). I image copied the windows partition from my bootcamp partition on the internal hard disk to the SSD. I can see all the drives from mac or windows (using Mac Drive). I can boot to all drives EXCEPT the SSD windows copy. It doesn't appear in the regular boot menu or the rEFIt menu. The reason I'm using iPartition again to setup the SSD (as I had done earlier to create the working hard disk version) is that the BootCamp utility says it can't create partitions on "external" drives. I'd be happy to send screen shots from disk utility, iPartition, or Windows Disk Management if you'd like.

    This looks like a fantastic tool and I hope I can use it to boot to my windows partition on the SSD.
    Kevin Q.


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