#153 Doc change to indicate Apple warrenty voided


Should be noted in Fact/Myth, or somewhere prominant, that installing will void your warrenty on the logic board. If you take it in for service, remove it first!


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    Anonymous - 2010-11-12

    My mac was repaired three times under warranty with rEFIt installed.

    The only circumstance where I can imagine rEFIt affecting a repair is if you need to have a 'repair' for a software problem that you could fix yourself with your installation disk, such as a boot problem (extremely unlikely!) caused by rEFIt itself, which, you would also be able to fix with your normal installation disk and/or an nvram reset...

  • Joe van Tunen

    Joe van Tunen - 2010-11-14

    rEFIt is just software. It doesn't affect hardware or firmware. It modifies NVRAM, but you can do that with the built in NVRAM command line. It modifies the MBR on your hard disk, but you can do that with the built in fdisk command line or other utilities. It's not any more damaging than installing Windows.

    Whoever told you it voids the warranty is ignorant or is lying to you so they can charge to fix your problem.


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