#134 Multi OS Icons


Support for multiple icons of the same flavor OS would be beneficial in deciphering which OS you are actually booting. For example: If I have Ubuntu and CrunchBang Linux installed next to Mac OS X, you will see one apple icon and two identical Linux (or Ubuntu) icons; changing the two identical icons to separate distinguished icons would be the ideal goal.


  • Moisés Ackerman

    The problem with this is inherent to how rEFIt works. When you boot, rEFIt assigns the icons to the partitions on your disk based on their format and not on the residing operating system. The only OS recognized specifically is Mac OS X, though rEFIt can also tell apart post-Vista Windows versions apart from pre-Vista versions.

  • lacertaphreak

    lacertaphreak - 2009-07-21

    I see. So how about labeling the name of the partition under the icons as an option in the refit.conf file? And from that idea, maybe hack together something that reads the name of the partition and displays a specific icon in it's place?

  • Christoph Pfisterer

    There are vague plans to have better configurability, also including options to set the default boot choice, hiding entries, etc. It all hinges on a good way to identify partitions, which means I need to first revamp the part of rEFIt that scans for available partitions.

  • Joe van Tunen

    Joe van Tunen - 2010-06-07

    rEFIt wouldn't need to recognize an OS to look at names in an APM or GPT partition table. Although those names don't need to match the file system volume name, they will still be better than names like Partition 2 etc.


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