#127 Truecrypt Bootloader

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It would be amazing for so many users to be able to have their entire Windows, Ubuntu or Mac OSX partition encrypted with Truecrypt and then be able to boot from them. This would also be useful to be able to boot from a external usb drive that is completely encrypted with Truecrypt. Thanks in advance.


  • Max

    Max - 2010-01-07

    Yes indeed, this would be truly great !

    I was about to try to install a second version of Mac OS X on a hidden truecrypt volume
    by mounting it and copying a clone of my system drive to it and then dismount again.

    I guess that right now it won't be possible to boot from it with rEFIt because rEFIt will not
    recognise it as a bootable hard drive before the drive is mounted with truecrypt?

  • Andreas M.

    Andreas M. - 2010-10-08

    I am not aware how this encryption stuff works and how rEFIT works internally, but if it would be possible to put some TrueCrypt decoding routine into rEFIT (or maybe if someone revives the OSXCrypt.org project, that would be better), it would be possible to have the system crypted with rEFIT asking for the password needed.

    Not sure implementation-wise, since TrueCrypt mounts via MacFUSE on OS X, which means, that there is no native OS X fs-driver code, IMO.


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