#118 Auto Shutdown


Can you add a feture that if a user does not select a option to boot to in the specifed time that rEFIt could shut the computer down instead of booting the default.
this is useful for power saving where someone has turned the computer on and forgot about it.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    We would be using rEFIt in a lab envrionment, it would be useful to specify a shutdown time, like 10:00pm, or something like that. Great product!

  • tep

    tep - 2010-03-09

    This would be huge for us too!

  • Christoph Pfisterer

    With rEFIt 0.14, you can use the new default_selection and set it to U, which is the shortcut key for the shutdown option.

  • Kacey Close

    Kacey Close - 2010-08-25

    This is excellent! Just the solution I was looking for.


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