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I just bought the new MB (available since 14th october 2008). I want to use rEFIt for install (test) Linux & Windows just near MacOS (3 boot), but i can only have the rEFIt screen display, the main functionnalities (start on another OS, ...) do not work now.

Thanks a lot guys.


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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    To expand this some, I have a new (2008) macbook (ver. 5.1). I have
    installed Ubuntu 8.10 on hda3. When I boot that partition using refit I
    get the following:

    Starting legacy loader
    Error: Not Found while loading legacy loader

    Please make sure you have the latest firmware update installed.

    There is no firmware update available for the new macbooks yet.

  • Johannes Berg

    Johannes Berg - 2009-01-28

    works fine on my macbook5,1 (13" 2.0ghz unibody)

  • Christoph Pfisterer

    Is this still an issue with the latest rEFIt release?

  • Christoph Pfisterer

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