#24 laptop turns unusually hot


We are using Intel MacBook Pro's ( 17" 2.16 GHz ) and strangely all the computers to which we installed rEFIt, they are becoming unusually hot ( less hot when running Windows and more when running Macintosh ).

The heating increases if we do not select any OS when it boots and just let the screen show the rEFIt boot screen.

Any insight in the matter is appreciated. Thanks !



  • Christoph Pfisterer

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    rEFIt has nothing to do with this. rEFIt is an application running on top of the EFI environment, doing only official API calls. If you have thermal issues with your Intel Mac, take them up with Apple.

    Note that while some part of thermal management in Intel Macs is done by an actual hardware contoller, another part is still done in the operating system (Mac OS X). It is unreasonable to expect a pre-boot environment (i.e. EFI) to have thermal management that's on par with Mac OS X. I that's a problem for you, I suggest you set a timeout in the rEFIt boot menu and let the laptops sit at the Mac OS X login screen when unused. That login screen has a 'restart' button that will take you back to the rEFIt menu within a few seconds.

  • Christoph Pfisterer

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