#204 rEFIt never displays with Vbox Installed


Virtualbox was preventing rEFIt from displaying after being installed. After I ran the uninstall script from VirtualBox, rEFIt started working properly. This appears to be one of the conflicts mentioned in the troubleshoot section.

To recreate exactly:
1) Install VirtualBox
2) Delete the VirtualBox.app folder from Applications
3) Install rEFIt


  • Andreas M.
    Andreas M.

    I can *not* confirm this.

    I have a MacBook1,1 with 3 partitions on the internal 500GB disk and ReFit installed. I also have VirtualBox installed, since SUN times, following all updates.

    It is true, that the ReFit boot-menu sometimes does not show up and boots straight into OS X, but this happens seldomly, maybe 1 out of 10 or 15 times. But usually the ReFit menu comes up, even with external hard-disks attached, showing them correctly.

  • Andreas M.
    Andreas M.

    Upon re-reading the initial report: I do understand, that a simple install of VirtualBox renders ReFit unusable? This is what I understood. I do not understand the recreation procedure, it does not match the text in the description of the bug.

  • Joe van Tunen
    Joe van Tunen

    Make sure rEFItBlesser is at /Library/StartupItems/rEFItBlesser/
    Make sure refit.efi is at /efi/refit/
    Make sure "bless --info" command in Terminal.app shows Blessed System File is /System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi

    When rEFItBlesser is called at shutdown, it will bless /efi/refit/refit.efi so that refit.efi will be called at startup.

    You can manually execute /efi/refit/enable-always.sh so that refit.efi is blessed immediately. You can check with the "bless --info" command.

    When rEFItBlesser is called at startup, it will bless /System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi because of the reasons listed at