Hi. a few months ago i installed a samsung HM100UI 1TB 2.5" HD in my MacBook. Installed lot of programs including REFIT and drive becomes corrupt almost each reboot. I have to boot from SnowLeopard DVD and repair...After a week of problems i formatted the drive and installed only essential programs and no more corruption. Yesterday i installed Refit again in order to boot from usb stick and the corruption on the disk resurfaced immediately. repair and uninstall of refit took the problems away so i'm pretty sure OSX HFS main partition (which is around 840GB) corruption comes from the REFIT software. worked perfectly on the previous 500GB HD, so i suspect it has something to do with the large capacity of this drive. Anyone seeing this behavior?


  • Masaru Ishikawa

    Masaru Ishikawa - 2011-03-24

    I think this is a same issue reported as #3016982, #3039932, #3147364.
    rEFIt will not work large hard drive (larger than 500GB, maybe), but it is not confirmed by rEFIt people.

  • marchen

    marchen - 2011-03-31

    I have the same problem on the Snow Leopard (Macbook Late 2008) with 750GB Seagate Momentus HDD (ST9750420AS).
    After I replaced the disk and installed rEFIt, Disk Utility found some corruption on that disk.
    Sometimes I couldn't use the rEFIt boot menu and sometimes OSX hanged up and didn't boot.
    I re-installed OSX again and again..., and found that the disk corruptions may be caused by the "bless --info" command.
    The reproducible method is,

    1. Clean install Snow Leopard.
    2. Check the disk with Disk Utility.
    3. Open Terminal and run "bless --info"
    4. Check the disk again.
    5. You may find some corruption on your disk.

    Then I could install rEFIt as follow.

    1. Download the rEFIt installer and copy the efi folder and its contents into the root directory of the OSX partition.
    2. Open Terminal and run the following commands:
    $ sudo bless --folder /efi/refit --file /efi/refit/refit.efi --labelfile /efi/refit/refit.vollabel --setBoot

    Using this method, now I can use the rEFIt boot menu.

  • Masaru Ishikawa

    Masaru Ishikawa - 2011-04-08

    Hi mic-marhen,

    Thank you for very helpfull info. It's working.

    When I reported #3016982 "Large hard drive (640GByte) will not work with rEFItI" I had a mac mini 2009.

    To my new mid2010 unibody, I install MacOS 10.6.4 AND Ubuntu 10.10 amd64 on Toshiba's 640G MK6459GSX, and eEFIt works fine.

    Thank you again.

  • Jorge Valencia

    Jorge Valencia - 2011-04-21

    The trick it works fine in macbook pro 5,3 with 640 gb hd Toshiba MK6459GSX.
    I would like to make the refit package with this change included.
    I will try until the bless command will be patched.

  • Masaru Ishikawa

    Masaru Ishikawa - 2011-05-18

    It worked with (3.5inch) 1.5T bytes drive and 3T bytes drive.

    On my Mac mini 4.1, with extention cable instead of internal 2.5Inch hard drive, I connected Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1500Gbytes, I installed MacOSX10.6.4 and Ubuntu 11.04, it worked fine.

    Then I tried on 3Tbytes drive Hitachi HDS723030AL640, it worked fine with MacOSX10.6.4/Ubuntu 11.04.



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