#172 No ext2/reiserfs in GUI, only works via shell


I have no trouble booting HFS+ or FAT16 systems via the GUI, but ext2/reiserfs systems don't appear. I can however boot from ext2/reiserfs by starting the EFI shell and accessing them from there (eg, "fs4:\efi\grub\grub.efi"). Tested with fat16/ext2/reiserfs on a USB stick with GRUB2 installed; FAT16 works, others don't.


  • Joe van Tunen

    Joe van Tunen - 2010-07-18

    Looking at the refit/main.c source code (http://refit.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/refit/trunk/refit/refit/main.c?view=markup), it appears that rEFIt scans for .efi files in \, \elilo\, \boot\, \EFI\*\, and a few other places.

    I have Ubuntu installed on a ext3 partition which boots using GRUB2 (non-efi). For testing this issue, I created the following files:

    I am able to create both /efi and /EFI because the file system is case sensitive.

    When I restart, rEFIt shows only EFI/grub/grub2.efi in the boot menu.

    So I guess the fix is to rename your efi folder to EFI.

    Maybe rEFIt should be made to scan for both EFI and efi on case sensitive file systems...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Nice detective work joevt! This does indeed work. I totally forgot ext was case sensitive. :-)


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